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    When it comes to quality, we offer nothing but the utmost. This is the core reason why we guarantee you refund options. If you think that we failed to meet your needs, you will receive all your money back.

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Rest assured that you will receive a 100% original paper according to the deadline.

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Julie C, London, England

I feel such gratitude for your excellent writing assistance. I think you saved me from complete failure! Thanks, special-essays.com!


Mickey S., Christchurch, NZ

I was very surprised by the wide array of writing and editing services that you offered. I was even more surprised by how excellent your writers can write and how low the prices are! Wow!


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Special-essays.com highly respects your privacy and guarantees that your personal information will never be disclosed to the third party.


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We assure you that every piece of writing is created from scratch according to your guidelines.


Terms and Conditions of using Special-Essays

Submitting a Refund Application

If you want to request a refund, you can do it within 14 days (2 weeks) after your order deadline expires. If you want to request a refund due to plagiarism, you can do it even later. However, please, send us a credible plagiarism report to validate your claims.

*Turnitin is the only reliable source of plagiarism reports for students. Its partner sites iThenticate and WriteCheck may also be used. Title pages, references lists, properly referenced direct quotations, and the original assignment questions are not counted as plagiarism. SafeAssign.com is not accepted as a valid resource in plagiarism disputes. Plagiarism reports written manually will not be accepted.

  1. For continuation orders, the company will be responsible only for the quality of the paragraphs that were written by our writers. We will not analyze the paper you submit to us for authenticity.
  2. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the paper, please, forward your comments to our Refund Department, and we will investigate the issue. You will receive a formal report in 3-4 business days and, if your claims are justified, a partial or full refund will be given to you.


  1. You can revise your paper for free, if you send a revision request in 48 hours after the deadline for your paper expires. If you do that later, you will have to pay a compensation to revise your paper.
  2. If your paper is more than 20 pages long, you can revise it for free during the first 30 days after the deadline expires.
  3. You cannot revise your paper for free, if your revision instructions are completely different from the original paper requirements. Please, make sure that you upload all essential materials on time. Otherwise, you may need to place an additional order to compensate the writer for his or her work.
  4. If you want to revise your paper for free, please, be ready to set a new deadline and agree it with the writer. Also, please provide easy to understand revision requirements. We may need up to 24 hours to revise your paper, if it is long or complicated. However, in all cases, we will do everything needed to complete the revision on time.
  5. Please check your personal profile regularly. You may have messages from the customer service or your writer. Many customers fail to provide essential materials when they place an order. You are responsible for delivering these materials on time.
  6. There is an “Extended Revision” option available for a client to choose when the order form is filled out for the 30% of the initial order price. It allows to extend a deadline for a free revision up to 14 days. Yet, a revision request should be in strict accordance with the original requirements. Please note that additional fee for “Extended Revision” is not reimbursed.

A Full Refund

  1. You can request a full refund, if you were charged twice for the same order. If this is a mistake, please notify our customer support, and we will cancel the double order.
  2. You can request a full refund, if we have never assigned a writer to your order.
  3. If a full refund is provided, you are no longer allowed to use the materials and papers created by our company for you.

A Partial Refund

  1. You can ask for a partial refund, if for some reason you have requested incorrect number of pages for your paper. We will reconsider the cost, based on our word count specifications.
  2. Our Refund Department will not be able to recalculate the refund percentage, if you fail to indicate the required level of writing complexity.
  3. If the instructions you provide contradict your comments or instructions in the uploaded files, we will have to reconsider the refund percentage.
  4. If you cancel your order, when the writer was assigned:

Refund percentage

Passed deadline (approximately)


10-19% of the deadline


20-29% of the deadline


30-39% of the deadline


40-49% of the deadline


50-59% of the deadline


60%+ of the deadline

*You cannot cancel your order, if only 30 percent of the deadline or less are left, and a writer is working on your paper. You cannot cancel your order, if your paper was finished and uploaded by the writer.

Late Verification

  1. With regard to order verification, you must provide answers to the questions asked by our Financial Department. It is done to avoid any misunderstandings and protect you from online frauds. If you fail to do it on time, you will have to extend the deadline for your paper or submit additional compensation to complete your hot order on time.

Word Count Issues

  1. We do not count pages visually. What we do is calculating the number of words. We write 300 words per page. For technical orders, the price will vary depending on the number and complexity of calculations.
  2. If you order a PowerPoint presentation, speaker notes will require additional payment. You must choose this option, when you are placing an order. We will complete 100-150 words per slide.
  3. In terms of online tests, we will calculate the number of pages according to the following formula: 5 test questions are equal to 1 essay page. Thus, for a test that contains 50 questions, you will have to order 10 essay pages.


  1. Early delivery is a paid service. If you want your paper to be finished earlier than the initial deadline, then we will reconsider its cost, and a compensation order will have to be placed. If the writer finishes the paper earlier without an additional payment, we will not provide any refund.
  2. If the order was delivered after the deadline and you did not agree to wait, you can request a partial refund. We will recalculate the cost of your order according to our pricing principles, as published on the website.

Order Type

  1. You must select an appropriate type of order, when you are placing it. For example, do not choose "Essay" if you need a "Presentation". Otherwise, we will not be able to issue a refund.
  2. If the order is for rewriting, we will simply reword the original text you provide to us. If you need us to do additional research or include some new information, we will ask you to place a compensation order.
  3. Please, check your profile as often as it is possible. You may receive messages from the customer support. Quality communication will make our job easier and improve your writing results!


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